Random Post Shortcode

Mit meinem kleinen Plugin „Powie’s Random Post Shortcode“ lässt sich aus allen veröffentlichten Beiträgen ein einzelner anzeigen. Dazu wird einfach an der gewünschten Stelle der Shortcode [ random-post ] eingefügt. That’s all!
Um nur Posts einer bestimmten Kategorie anzuzeigen: [ random-post category_name=“News“ ]

Um mehr als nur einen zufälligen Post anzeigen zu lassen: [ random-post numberposts=“5″ ]

Ab der Version 1.0.1 gibt es zudem ein Widget mit dem man einen zufälligen Post in der Sidebar anzeigen lassen kann.

Random Post Shortcode
Random Post Shortcode
Entwickler: Thomas Ehrhardt
Preis: Kostenlos

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  1. Hi,

    I really like the simplicity of your plugin. Its the only one i have found which will display the whole post correctly.

    The only thing it doesnt do for me is allow to display only a selected category.

    Is this possible?

    I would try myself but i am not skilled enough to know what to do.

    I hope you can find the time to answer and help me find the solution.

    Many Thanks

  2. Mike

    Is it posible to select from a chosen category, using your Random Post Shortcode plugin. If so, please can you show me an example of the COMPLETE sortcode? Thank you for your work, and for your attention to my qestion. (written in English and Translation by Gooogle, so I hope it works)

    Ist es posible von einer gewählten Kategorie auszuwählen, mit Ihrem Zufalls Beitrag Shortcode Plugin. Wenn ja, bitte können Sie mir ein Beispiel für die COMPLETE Bankleitzahl zeigen ? Vielen Dank für Ihre Arbeit und für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf meinen qestion . (in Englisch und Übersetzung durch Gooogle geschrieben , so dass ich hoffe, es funktioniert )

  3. Dorian

    Hi Powie,
    Thanks for this very nice and elegant plugin, which does exactly what I want.
    The only little detail is that it doesn’t seem to display post categories and tags.
    How can I modify the random-post-shortcode.php file to make sure this information appears below the post content? (I’m sure it’s very easy, sorry for not finding this on my own…!)
    Best wishes,

  4. Hello Again Powie,

    As an aside, I’d be willing to pay to have the plugin updated so it displays as many random posts as I need. I understand if it’s simply not a priority, let me know and I’ll just have another programmer make one. Thanks. Don

  5. Powie,

    I really, really, REALLY appreciate you make the code change. I’ve auto updated the plugin and use the short code you provided on WordPress. And I just can seem to get it to work. Could it be my theme and or WP version?

    This is the test link: https://www.explosiveagent.com/46-2/ – still 1 post shows

    And this is the post page as it stands now: https://www.explosiveagent.com/join-exp-now/ (which I’ll remove)

    I’m so sorry to bother you.

  6. Powie!

    So sorry for the delay, day job got the best of my time. I got it to work!!

    The challenge was the shortcodes at the top of this page do not match the shortcodes in the „read me“ file within the plugin. Once I copied them from the read me file, perfect!

    Also, the page that uses the shortcode, cannot at the same time be the page set to display posts, it must be a different page.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to update the plugin. I’ll send along a donation for your time.

    Thanks again, I really do appreciate your help and the great plugin.

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