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  • Release Info IOS
    I112 - 09.07.2019 - B4i580 - IG Button
  • Release Info Android
    A121 - 09.07.2019 - AndroidX SDK
  • About translation...
    Hi Powie, I translated to Spanish the readme files of «Powie's WHOIS» and also the .po file using for the setting page. But this last strings are not listing on repository. I think the reason is the text domain. I verfied the files of the plugin and find the text domain you used: pwhois, but you must to change it to the slug of the plugin: powies-whois. This is the method WordPress uses to autodetect the text domain for plugins and themes. I also wanted to suggest you change some strings for better undestanding: Show on free domain > Show on available domains Show on connected domain > Show on unavailable domains Domain is free > Domain is available Domain is not free > Domain is unavailable pWhois Usage > Powie's WHOIS Usage pWhois Pro > Powie's WHOIS Pro Powies WHOIS Settings > Powie's WHOIS Settings Powies WHOIS Setup > Powie's WHOIS Setup I can fix the strings if you want, just tell me and will be a pleasure to do it.
  • Translation
    Hey, Is it possible for you to make your uptime robot plugin for wordpress translation ready. I've already translated the readme file but I cannot translate the visual part of the plugin because it's code lacks of translation support. Thank you!
  • .dk false "Domain is not free" response
    I tested plugin only a few times on my website ( and default whois servers) it gives a false " not free" when searching .dk TLD domains. Tested many digits and jargons. " generic" TLDs and many other country-codes seems to work.
  • Mr
    I want to purchase the pro version of your whois for wordpress, but i want to know first if it will support my ccTLD (.ls) we use a whois server when i do i direct whois search over terminal i use whois -h Please let me know if it will be able to work so i can proceed with the purchase. I will also need your assistance for this. my email is if you need to contact me directly.
  • Windows 10 Store in der Taskleiste
    Jemand eine Idee. Ich möchte bei Windows 10 den Store nicht mehr auf der Taskleiste haben. Wenn ich über den Rechtsklick den Store entferne ist er weg, nach dem Neustart aber immer wieder da. Wie verhindert man das?
  • WebApp Changelog
    Version 1.0.1 WebApp jetzt immer mit https
  • pLinks Changelog
    pLinks 7.1.2019 - Version 1.0.1 API Key Support - ermöglicht SSL Nutzung.
  • pWhois Pro ChangeLog
    04.01.2019 - 1.0.3 added ##TLD## Wildcard for Output Generation

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