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  • WebApp Changelog
    Version 1.0.1 WebApp jetzt immer mit https
  • pLinks Changelog
    pLinks 7.1.2019 - Version 1.0.1 API Key Support - ermöglicht SSL Nutzung.
  • pWhois Pro ChangeLog
    04.01.2019 - 1.0.3 added ##TLD## Wildcard for Output Generation
  • WooCommerce & Powie´s WHOIS?
    Hello Powie, thanks for this nice plugin... i need some info/help i´ve got some variable products with subscriptions with WC and would like to give the clients an option to check/order a domain is it possible to intergrate the ##DOMAIN## into WC as product? If so, could you please advise regards
  • Random Post Shortcode don't appear in home page
    Please anyone can help me to solve this problem "why posts don't appear in the static page" page website appear like this, I test use shortcode [random-post] and [random-post category_name=”name”] but is not work.
  • Random Post Shortcode
    Hi! Hope you'r fine. Can you please update the "Random Post Shortcode" plugin WordPress is updated to v 5.0.1 . Thanks. Kind regards. Prinx
  • How to display tags and category in Random Post
    Hi Powie, Simple question! I've been using your Random Post plugin on my website for some time, and it works really well. All I display is a single page containing the "random post" shortcode. However, since I updated the plugin recently, I discovered that the randomly displayed post doesn't show its categories, or tags, anymore... How can I bring this back? What template file should I modify? It's probably very simple to do, but I'm not very good at programming... Thanks in advance. Dorian
  • Not working on mobile
    First, thank you for this great plugin. I noticed it is working fine on desktop, but just hangs on "Waiting for domain lookup" when using mobile for some reason. *link removed* browser. Even tried Desktop mode...same result. If I put desktop browser in mobile mode (developer tools) it still works correctly. Not sure what is happening. Thanks
  • FB Gruppe: Wordpress Tuner
    Eine FB Gruppe für Wordpress Admin und Anwender die Wordpress schneller machen möchten.
  • FB Gruppe: Hugin Panorama Software
    Vor langer Zeit gestartet, die Facebook Gruppe zur Hugin Panorama Stitching Software Hugin:

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